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While you’re learning these skills, you can IMMEDIATELY have a website up and running where you sell OUR COURSE for 100% profit!

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What You Get

  • A COMPREHENSIVE business, branding, marketing, and automation course, organized and categorized so that it is easy to follow

  • LIFETIME ACCESS to ongoing course updates and additional content with no additional course charges.

  • A “READY TO SELL” digital product - THE COURSE ITSELF! Done for you and ready to be sold for 100% profit! That profit ALWAYS goes directly to you because the course becomes YOURS!

  • GET IMMEDIATE ACCESS into our FREE community with live trainings, in depth profile audits, in person local events, and more!

  • ACCESS TO THE COLLECTIVE - an exclusive mentorship group for the serious business owner, where you’ll be coached by our founders who have earned MILLIONS in the online space. You also get curated CUSTOM SOCIAL MEDIA content EVERY SINGLE WEEK for your business!

Our Story

With a combined 20+ years of experience in the online sales space, the 4 of us have researched for MONTHS trying to learn all about digital marketing and the digital courses out there for sale.

From the small courses helping people learn the basics of social media, to ebooks about specific platforms, to large robust courses that include everything someone needs to start their own digital marketing business, we found it ALL!

Unfortunately, disappointment hit when we realized how OVERWHELMING the digital marketing space had become. We were driven to answer this one pressing question:

“What is THE course for TRUE BEGINNERS to learn EVERYTHING they need to create their own digital tools, and effectively market those tools on social media to turn a PROFIT and create a lucrative income for their families without having to put their family on the back burner?”

We looked and looked, and realized that there wasn't just ONE course out there that had it all. In order for someone to get EVERYTHING they needed, as a complete beginner, they would need to buy: 4 large courses, 2 smaller courses AND 2 separate ebooks, totaling $2,746.

Oh, and they'd probably STILL be confused, not have the actual guidance and mentorship needed to help navigate the courses, and APPLY everything they've learned.

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A monthly subscription to our private mentorship group.

What's Included

Social Templates

WEEKLY social media content: Canva templates for stories, text on screen & caption prompts, trending audios + 30 FACELESS videos for you.

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Coaching Calls

TWO LIVE Coaching sessions with the FOUNDERS weekly+ 1 on 1 calls available for all members to book with the founders monthly.

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Presentation Webinars for YOUR interested sales prospects that want to learn more about THE Digital Course, and what it looks like on the inside!

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VIP Access

VIP Access to our yearly in-person event + exclusive SWAG! Our community events are like none other for learning and networking.

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The digital course changed my life. I would highly recommend.

John Andrews
John Andrews
Brooklyn, NY